The three-axis Hänel Multi-Space® drastically reduces investment costs

Frey Textile and Laundry Services is a family-owned business managed by Katrin and Albert Frey. The medium-sized enterprise is known for its personal customer care. Frey has become one of the largest laundry services in Bavaria, and it can easily handle volumes of up to 40 tons every day.

Efficient and innovative sorting system based on intelligent software 

In commercial laundries, expensive sorting machines are typically used to sort clean work clothes before they are delivered to customers. That's why Frey used color codes to optimize these processes and boosted productivity with a Hänel Multi-Space® storage system. More than 300 pick operations per hour are now possible. In conjunction with intelligent TIKOS control software, the Hänel Multi-Space® proved to be an efficient alternative to a conventional laundry sorting system – and it reduced investment costs considerably.

Every day the Hänel Multi-Space® is used to sort work clothes for up to 3,000 people in one shift – it also provides buffer storage for laundry items scheduled for delivery. The Hänel Multi-Space® is extremely flexible and can also accommodate other types of laundry, such as tablecloths, bed sheets, etc.

High productivity, optimal employee efficiency 

The Hänel Multi-Space® system saves space and time, and it shortens storage routing in the laundry process. What's more, system operation and maintenance costs are very low.

The complex presorting process using lists and folders is a thing of the past thanks to the three-axis Hänel storage system. Today just two employees can handle sorting at the two access points of the Hänel Multi-Space®. At the back of the system only one employee is needed to retrieve the finished laundry stacks and assign them to the appropriate delivery driver. When compared with the previous sorting system, the Multi-Space® has clearly boosted performance and optimized the deployment of human resources.

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