Hänel Lean-Lifts® for rental workwear and uniforms

In Germany alone, ALSCO launders and cleans about 60,000 linen items and up to 100,000 pieces of work clothing every day. The ALSCO site in Kaiserslautern is equipped with the latest machinery and advanced computer technology. To provide optimal workwear leasing services, ALSCO installed five Hänel automated storage systems.

The Hänel Lean-Lifts® are six meters high and thus utilize nearly all of the height available in the main building, which covers an area of 3,000 square meters. The laundered items stored in the systems are neatly stacked on the system containers. A maximum of 18 stacks, each comprised of up to ten clothing items, are stored on each container.

Frame attachments for each container make sure that the laundry stacks are stable and do not shift. In this innovative Hänel project, the five lift systems replaced two external storage areas so that capacity could be consolidated and centralized. This reduces storage costs and increases the efficiency of employees. What's more, the required storage floor space has been reduced to a footprint of just 40 square meters. All incoming laundry items are registered in the storage management system by means of barcodes.

When items are put into the Lean-Lifts®, sensors measure the various heights of the stacks on the containers – everything is neatly stored at just the right height thanks to the latest software. This compact solution ensures that more than 30,000 textile items can be stored and protected in the Hänel systems.

The entire inventory is monitored with the ABEL storage management module. ABEL was specially developed for all ALSCO laundries worldwide. The MP100D central controller manages the storage functions in all five Lean-Lifts® through an interface customized by Hänel experts.

Once the barcode on the order has been scanned, the storage management system sends the relevant data to the Lean-Lift®. The item number and the item designation are clearly displayed on the Lean-Lift® touchscreen terminals thanks to Hänel web server software.

Items ready for delivery can be retrieved quickly and put on laundry carts. The entire process is efficient and error-free. What's more, new employees learn how to operate the storage systems quickly thanks to the simple lift controller. A neat, clean and space-saving storage solution for modern laundries.

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